Our values

Driven by the ideal of “Just for your smile”. The JTF sonic toothbrush and accessories are designed to help you always keep your teeth white and your mouth clean. Whether you're busy or relaxed, bland or glorious, JTF will give you a confident smile.

The history of JTF

JTF is comprised of engineers and marketing specialists with over twenty years of experience in research and development and manufacturing of electronic products. Over the years, JTF found that the electric toothbrush market was dominated by a few high-priced brands. This situation limited consumer choices and made these products inaccessible to many users.

It is with the aim of changing this reality that the JTF brand was founded. The mission is clear: integrate knowledge and resources to develop high-quality products that are affordable and accessible to all. The goal is to allow customers to benefit from a wider range of options while reducing the overall cost of using electric toothbrushes.

JTF and its teams aspire to democratize access to scientific and technological advances in the field of oral health. JTF firmly believes that every user should be able to enjoy the benefits of these products without having to pay exorbitant prices. At JTF, the passion is to create products that improve the daily experience of its customers, providing them with effective and economical solutions for their dental health.

Strengthen Product Commitment

JTF places top priority on its customers' experience, combining advanced, proven technology with sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.

At JTF, we believe that the health of customers is paramount. This is why JTF is committed to constantly bringing new technologies to meet their needs.

JTF also strives to create products that are true works of art, with an emphasis on design and aesthetics, while ensuring their durability.

Finally, JTF's commitment to environmental protection is essential. Everything is done to minimize the impact on the planet and contribute to its preservation.

At JTF, we are committed to offering our customers an unrivaled experience, both beneficial for their health, innovative through the adoption of new technologies, aesthetic through product design and respectful of the environment to contribute to a more sustainable future.

A few words from the CEO of JTF Oral Care Switzerland

The strength of one person is tiny, the strength of a group of people is limited, but the strength of a group of people who adhere to the ideal over time is infinite. JTF will do a good job in every upcoming product, through continuous and regular efforts to serve more and more satisfied customers, so that you can enjoy a healthy and confident smile.

- Xavier Bangerter, CEO and owner of JTF Oral Care Switzerland

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